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Zinc Benzoate


DESCRIPTION For Zinc Benzoate CAS 553-72-0


Product NameZinc benzoate
Introductionzinc benzoate is a white powder, it’s very stable at room temperature,slightly benzoic acid odor, soluble in water. Used as preservatives in food, and can supplement the human body's need of zinc, amount refer to sodium benzoate, and its effect is better than that of  sodium benzoate.
AppearanceWhite Powder or Crystalline powder
Package25kgs/bag or 25kgs/drum


Properties For Zinc Benzoate CAS 553-72-0

Odorless or has a slight odor of benzoic acid, Relatively stable under light conditions, It can be dissolved in water.



USAGE for Zinc Benzoate CAS 553-72-0

A)Food: It can be food preservatives and supply zinc to human body;
B)It is used as plastic solid agent;
C)It can be used as antifungal drug, having the function of softening cutin.
D)Insecticide and fungicide of paint.


TECHNICAL PARAMETERS for Zinc Benzoate CAS 553-72-0

Loss on drying≤2.0%
Iron≤50 ppm
Grading 60ppmPass